How to use the store

In our fashion store you have several options to access the products you are interested in:
Let's start with the home page

In the main videos for women, men, children and babies there is a button to select products by seasons or style, use this button to choose.

In addition, below the videos there are products by type regardless of season and style that you can choose.


1. First thing, choose the collection that suits you.
2. From the collection page, click on the image of the product you're interested in.
3. After that click on the product on the collection page, then the product page will open.

 4. The top of the product page

At the top of the product on the left you will see the large image of the product you selected.
On the right side of the upper part you will see images related to different variants of the product / size chart / another related product / different dummies of the product, but this part is only intended to watch and decide what suits you best.

In the row below the product, you see the name of the product, the price and if there is a sale on it.
Below the price you will see the blue stars that represent the score of the total reviews given to this product and on the side of the stars is written the amount of reviews given.
Note: If the product has no reviews yet you will see all five stars in light gray.

 5. The middle part of the product page


In the upper part of the middle of the product page, you will see the name of a variant that is currently chosen at random (variant name is specified as COLOR), under that name there are pictures of all the variants that are in this product and under the pictures are the measurements / types of sizes and other characteristics (does not appear in all types of products only those that are needed).
Note: When a variant is in stock it is surrounded by a full black circle and when a variant is not in stock it will be surrounded by a dotted circle.
Even when choosing a size, if it does not exist in a certain variant of the product, then that variant will also become in a circle with dots.

Under the selection of sizes, you can choose the quantity you want to purchase, but the quantity is only for the selected variant.
Note: If you want to select several variants of the same product or another product, click the "Add to Cart" button, a V sign will appear at the top of the page, a message that the product has been added to the cart, and then you can continue to select another variant or any other product from the store.

Below the "Add to Cart" button appears the table of additional discounts you will receive (in addition to the sale if any) when purchasing more than one variant or an additional product in the store.
Note: These discounts are valid for the total amount of variants or products you will purchase in the store.

The information about the estimated time to receive the product

and the product description

Under the discounts table, you will see the information on when you will receive the product you ordered if you order at that moment.

If you want to understand more about our shipping policy click here

Note: When there are other products that are very suitable for the product you selected, you will see their pictures like in this picture below.

Below that appears a brief description of the product including additional photos, measurements and videos if any.
If you want to read more, click on the "read more" button on the bottom left of the description.

Customer reviews

Below the description you will see the reviews of customers who have already purchased this product
Note: You can add a review with your own photo after you receive the product.
The reviews list the score given to this product in the number of stars and what they think about the product itself.
The page shows up to 10 first reviews if there are more than 10 reviews, in order to read them click on the "load more" button and if you have questions you want to know more about the product click below the reviews on the blue button "Ask me here".

Under the button "Ask me here", there are buttons to share the product on social networks, we will be happy if you share with family, friends, etc.

6. The bottom of the product page

At the top of the bottom of the product page you are given the option to sign up with your email to our list of excess customers, through this list we will inform you about new products, promotions, sales and many more once-in-a-lifetime deals (it's worth it, believe me) Join now it's free and does not oblige you In nothing.

In the middle part of the bottom of the product page, you are offered additional products that you may also like for you / family / friends. It is always worth looking.

At the bottom of the bottom of the product page

Here are links to our general terms and conditions, you can read about who we are, different policies, you can contact us, you can read what our motto is and also sign up for our customer list no matter which page you are currently on.


When you click the "Add to cart" button from above, this message will appear

You can click on "view cart" or in any case click on that cart icon

 and it will take you to your cart page that looks like this.

In the upper part of the cart on the left side there is the image of the product you selected and next to it the name of the product and a trash sign if you want to delete the product from the cart.
Below the product name you will see the type of variant you have chosen and its size, the estimated delivery time, its price, the discount you received and a choice of quantity that can be added if you want more.

Below in the cart you have the option to add comments to your purchase, all kinds of requests that you would like us to pay attention to. You simply click on "Special instructions for seller" and write down what you are asking for.

You will then receive a message that shipping rates and taxes will be calculated at checkout (don't worry, 99% of our shipping and taxes are free).

Finally, from the bottom you will see a purchase confirmation button with the price, click on it and you will be taken to this page:


On this page you will see the details about the product you have chosen and you will also have to fill in details about yourself.
Note: Please fill in details accurately so that the order will be accurate without any mistakes at all.

After that you will reach the final page where you will have to pay, click "continue to payment" button and fill in all the details... good luck.


If you have any questions or something that is not clear to you, do not hesitate to contact us via the contact us page and we promise to make every effort to make you satisfied, thank you very much for viewing this page.